Wastewater Plant Restart and Start up


In the current world of wastewater, your plant is susceptible to kill off.  Join us in an interactive discussion on the topics of how your plant gets killed or significantly impacted to cause out of compliance issues.  This topic of discussion applies to every type of wastewater system from Mechanical to Lagoons and from Municipal to Industrial.  We will discuss many of the toxins seen in the industry that are known to damage wastewater plants including, chemicals, Crystal Meth, Petroleum and Food Grade (Grease) Hydrocarbons along with illegal discharging to your system.  The discussion will include what are the symptoms/signs of a dead or dying plant.  Are there issues you need to address before the toxic hit occurs? This class will discuss your options for resurrecting your plant or stopping a complete die off.  We will cover the time lines required of the many options available to you.  Real life observations and different methods of successful and unsuccessful attempts to Restart an existing plant or the Startup of any type of new wastewater plant will be discussed.


This class is best paired with  Bioaugmentation vs. Biostimulation, Bio-Nutrient RemovalRethinking Treatment Options, and External Carbon


1 to 2 Hours

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