Bioaugmentation vs. Biostimulation

Join Rick Allen to learn how the use of bio-organic inoculants and increased microbial activity can improve environmental processes, and why balancing these environmental processes enhances wastewater operations.

Mr. Allen will provide information on the benefits of improving wastewater processes to improve compliance requirements; including how these programs can save money for many small to large wastewater and water districts.

In Bioaugmentation vs. Biostimulation, attendees explore the importance of microbiology in your system and how the use of augmentation or stimulation can enhance your existing operations.  

Information will be provided on programs that are available today to solve a variety of wastewater challenges including compliance issues, FOG, H2S, reuse water, and the epidemic of pharmaceutical and recreational drugs appearing in wastewater streams.

This session will also provide information on how to determine which programs would be best for optimizing the ROI on inoculants that are beneficial to your operation. During this presentation you will learn how do determine what is in the products you are buying and how to make an informed decision on which program would be optimal for your situation.

You will learn how Bioaugmentation and/or Biostimulation could delay or even eliminate some of the cost of expensive retrofits, and how to increase the productivity of your existing operations. The analytical will include examples of reduction in Solids Wasting, BOD, TSS, TPH, solids accumulation, Phosphorous reduction, Ammonia Nitrate and nitrogen reduction, along with how to increase DO.

Additional topics include: how chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other contaminants have an adverse impact on the collections and plant operations; and how to work with the influence of these chemicals on the microbiology of the plant operations. Recommendations for managing microbiology, current resources and technologies, and opportunities to create a more balanced system are part of the solutions provided for operators attending Bioaugmentation vs. Biostimulation.


This class is best paired with ProBiotic Dredging, Bio-Nutrient Removal, Reducing BOD, and Rethinking Treatment Options.


1 to 2 Hours

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