Lagoon Management


In Lagoon Management, operators learn the importance of managing for lagoon efficiency to optimize the efficiency of collections and plant operations.  

Lagoon Management also provides recommendations for managing sludge, chemical and biological influences, technologies and opportunities to manage efficient wastewater systems and meet discharge requirements.    

Attendees will learn key elements of a good maintenance and management program for lagoon systems.  

Discussion about problems with meeting permits including ways to improve the overall efficiency of the lagoon for improved DO, TSS, BOD, AN, Ph and Phosphorous are covered. 

The attendees will learn what short circuits lagoon systems and how to address common problems.  Discussion on managing sludge to improve digestion is covered.   Examination of the influences on lagoons and ways to improve the digestive operations of the lagoon system are covered. 

Case studies are utilized as examples of how operators are using technology and lagoon management strategies to solve problems that are impacting the efficiency of lagoon systems.  Analytical examples are used to demonstrate reduction in bio-solids, BOD, TSS, PH, and AN.

Additional topics include how to use traditional mechanical and biological solutions for managing algae, weeds, E. Coli and pathogens in lagoon systems.

Future concerns related to the measurement of pharmaceuticals and other contaminants are covered to help operators understand the impact of upcoming regulatory issues related to system management. 

Recommendations for managing chemicals, microbiology, current resources and technologies with the goal of creating a more balanced lagoon system are part of the solutions provided for professionals attending Wastewater Lagoon Management.


This class is best paired with ProBiotic Dredging, Bio-Nutrient Removal, Reducing BOD, Rethinking Treatment Options.


1 to 2 Hours    Recommended Hours: 1.5

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