External Carbon – BNR, F:M in Waste Water Treatment Operations

Wastewater treatment is changing, and the new permit challenges are requiring operations to utilize additional sources of carbon to assist with BNR and Food to Microbe Ratio. 

External Carbon contains an in-depth review of external carbon in the wastewater treatment processes. During this presentation, Mr. Allen will discuss many of the reasons external carbon may be used to optimize wastewater treatment processes. 

The discussion will help inform operations on how existing technologies are being utilized and some of the new emerging products that are available to help replace some of the existing products.

Attendees will learn the what, where, when, why and how to use external carbon sources in wastewater systems. 

The class will include how and when these beneficial programs are to be used.  Rick will discuss some of the accepted, well-known and marketed products. 

He will also cover more obscure but very beneficial carbon sources available today.  Due to the diversity of applications for external carbon, Rick will be providing information on additional uses, such as F/M ratios, denitrification, phosphorous removal processes. 

Attendees will learn the what, where, when, why and how to use external carbon sources in wastewater systems. 

Specific content covers; Biological Reduction using external carbon, the food to microbe issue and what some programs are costing utilities in their budget and operational process; reasons to consider breaking the methanol habit and how other external carbon sources benefit the denitrification process. 

Attendees will learn the programs that are currently in the market and discuss the history and background of the research and application of the standard applications and protocols.


Bio-Nutrient Removal


1 Hour

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