Algae Management

Goal Focus 

Attendees will learn about algae as an environmental concern in systems and gain knowledge on treatment solutions and technologies available to help address algae.

In wastewater processing the challenge of keeping BOD at acceptable levels and addressing algal growth in the system are two goals often at odds with management of wastewater systems.


Algae Management for brings together a broad-scoped discussion of how algae impacts water environments and the long-term impact of algae on the operations of the  system. 

While the topic is centered on the specifics of how algae adversely impacts the operations of the water environment, the issues of BOD, TSS, energy and pH levels are at the center of this training. 

Introduction to algae and the impact of algae management is covered as a foundation to the training.

Mr. Allen helps attendees to understand how algae adversely impacts BOD and how the growth of algae in their system is contributing to the difficulties they face in keeping their system working optimally. 

Attendees will learn how algae is a treatable environmental issue and how to strategically work on the balance within the system to improve the health of the whole system to impact the growth of algae. 

Solutions are discussed to address both mechanical and natural treatment solutions. 

Technical information is provided to demonstrate options to improve the overall health of the system.


This class is best paired with Pro-Biotics for Wastewater Management or Lagoon Management.


1 to 2 Hours 

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