Mitigating Contaminants

Wastewater treatment facilities, whether mechanical or lagoon are subject to a variety of influences.  While many of the contaminants are known, there are plenty that can get dumped on a system that are caustic and deadly.

The course covers the kinds of contaminants that might be hitting your system. We’ll discuss a little in the Industrial and Pre-Treatment world.  

In Mitigating Contaminants, attendees will explore some of the reasons why these regulators are concerned with nutrient loading and contaminants and what these concerns mean for wastewater treatment industry. 

A discussion of septic haulers and the world of taking septage hauler waste will be covered.  Additionally, other toxic dumping from Crystal Meth and other pollutants will be addressed in our time together.  

Discussion on how to get a dead plant restarted from toxicity will be in the mix of the conversation.  If you have ever wondered about the things that are hitting your system and the toxicity and effects, this would be a good session to visit with your fellow operators about the local experience around mitigating contaminants.


This class is best paired with Pre-Treatment Strategies, Mitigating FOG, FOG: The Rest of the Story, H2S: Managing Odors and Reducing Corrosion.


1 Hour

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