H2S: Managing Odors & Reducing Corrosion – What’s That Smell?


Mr. Allen presents a compelling look at how H2S is a growing concern for plant operations and conclusive solutions on ways the “problem” can be handled.

This session covers diagnosing and managing H2S including current solutions and remedies.  Discussion on H2S including coverage of the overall safety and management of this caustic and corrosive element is included in the class content.   

This session looks at the underlying issues of managing H2S in collection systems and wastewater plants.  

In Managing H2S Rick Allen discusses what H2S is and how it is a safety hazard for operations.  The review of H2S covers the safety implications for wastewater professionals and suggested tools for identifying H2S build-up in the system.  

Review of chemical, biological and mechanical solutions are covered, to help professionals identify options for managing H2S in their operations. 

Attendees will be able to understand the health and environmental plant risks of H2S and identify options available to help mitigate the H2S in their system.


This class is best paired with Pre-Treatment Strategies, Collection System Management, Mitigating FOG, FOG: The Rest of the Story.


2   Hours

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