FOG: Managing FOG Producers

FOG Producers come in all types, sizes and industries.  Today’s wastewater professionals need to be able to identify all of their FOG producers and implement programs to minimize the amount of material that is being produced in their systems. 

With FOG: Managing FOG Producers, attendees will gain practical applications that they can begin to implement into their business operations to reduce the amount of FOG being sent to their wastewater systems. 


Fats, Oils, and Grease hits municipalities operational and maintenance budgets.  Working directly with the producers can help off-set some of these expenses.  In Managing Your FOG Producers, Rick Allen brings forth educational information on ways attendees can address this critical issue in their system.

Rick Allen will discuss; why FOG happens, why it is more prevalent in wastewater systems today and many cost-effective methods of removal. 

During this presentation attendees will learn about conventional methods of removal and control, along with new and innovative solutions to mitigate the problem.

This program will address ways to work with your FOG Producers to implement Best Management Practices. Within these operational challenges, Rick will discuss some of the new emerging technologies to address FOG and what your organization needs to know. 

Educational case studies and long-term Operational and Maintenance information will be discussed to provide ways to get your FOG Producers helping to eliminate what they are releasing into systems.

Rick has been in the ranks of educators helping to inform on pre-treatment protocols and suggestions for how to go about getting a program in place for FOG. 

Now he is taking his knowledge to the next level to help attendees get with the program with some innovative ideas on small steps and bit approaches that will be needed whether the organization has a jetter truck, requires grease trap maintenance, or just wants to understand the cost of FOG in their communities.


This class is best paired with Pre-Treatment Strategies, Collection System Management, FOG: Mitigating Fats, Oils and Grease.


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