Dreaded Flushables

Goal Focus

Attendees will learn about the flushable challenges facing wastewater systems globally.  Attendees will gain knowledge on regulatory concerns and the on-going programs communities are initiating around the country.

The Dreaded Flushables discusses the new plague affecting wastewater systems around the world. 


In The Dreaded Flushables, Rick Allen will discuss one of the new emerging trends in wastewater operations.  Today, municipalities large and small are being inundated with materials that should never be “Flushed.”

Probably, the most challenging and costly plague affecting wastewater operations everywhere are products promoted as “Flushable” that are not bio-degradable. 

These materials are advertised in ways that negatively impact wastewater operations.  Massive amounts of materials are causing problems in our collection systems, or are causing unnecessary challenges with lift stations, pumps and equipment in wastewater treatment operations.

Rick looks forward to leading a lively debate and conversation on creating awareness within operations and communities to engage in “Non-Flushable Behaviors” around products that should never be in our sewers and sewer plants.

The challenges of these materials being disposed of in wastewater systems are numerous and costly.  In The Dreaded Flushables, Rick will discuss the challenges and costs of these materials in operations nationally. 

Additionally, there are opportunities to discuss the educational opportunities to provide training and education to operational staff, managers and the public. 

In a national and international debate, there are opportunities to engage the public with this growing concern that is causing municipalities around the world expensive and challenging operational difficulties.  

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